Bob Cooley has been speaking through photography for over two decades.

His work has appeared in Life magazine, Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest,
The Washington Post
, Policy Review, The Economist, The Detroit Free Press, and
Weekly Reader. He has won awards from The Michigan State Press Association,
The Hoosier State Press Association, The National Press Photographers Association, and the Associated Press. Bob’s photos have also been used in advertising and marketing for companies including The Coca Cola Company, Herman Miller,
Simon & Schuster, Spalding, and Pella Windows.

Originally from San Antonio, Bob grew up in southwestern Michigan, where he developed his love for photography. After starting his photography career in the Midwest, Bob moved to New York City to work as an art director and as a creative director for interactive and print business and marketing initiatives. He has worked extensively with major corporations as well as executives and partners of smaller firms. Bob now lives in Greenwich Village and continues photography work around the United States and abroad.

I love creating imagery.

As a storyteller, it permits me
the perfect blend of
art, attitude, and narrative.

Its not about
the technique, the science, the angle,
It's all those things;
but more importantly,
it's about transporting the audience.

What originally drew me to photography was
the idea of taking people to another place;
A place they might not have thought to look,
or might not be able to go otherwise themselves.

Initially I did this as a journalist;
and while I still love the truth and narrative of true editorial work, creating personal and anecdotal imagery allows me to take the narrative deeper.

Somewhere between
fact and fiction

Somewhere just south of center

And as I learn more about it,
Some really interesting places in
my head.

Hope to see you there.